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A mini search engine for Start-ups

Agency: MRM//McCann, New Delhi

The Creative Class values the courageous, competitive and independent Maverick spirit of founding a Start-up in the city. As part of our #MINIMovement to encourage these evolving mini businesses, we will launch a search engine exclusively for discovering young Start-ups in the city. This unique platform will serve to connect various creative Start-ups with the citizens and netizens who need their novel services.
Platform: Microsite
Amplification: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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INTERIORS by Fitbit Inc.

On April Fool's Day, Fitbit releases a series of print ads introducing an exclusive line of indoor premium seating furniture, but with a fitbit twist—a playful nudge to encourage an active lifestyle.

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World Intellectual Property Organization

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ADS IN THIS CAMPAIGN ARE MEANT TO BE LENTICULAR PRINT ADS (the image changes when seen from different angles).

An idea can belong to anyone. Intellectual Property belongs to its owner. To propagate this message, we use lenticular printing to recall controversial examples of plagiarism committed by public figures. The intention is to encourage people to get their work copyrighted or patented by illustrating that even the most well protected of us, cannot protect our ideas until they are registered as Intellectual Property.
(To ensure that the campaign does not have an ideological leaning, it includes instances of plagiarism committed by members of both major political parties.)



INSIGHT: Playing a Sport helps fight mental illness.
Therapists recommend exercise and sports to those battling problems like Anxiety, Depression, etc. as it helps release stress-reducing hormones in the body. 
IDEA: On World Suicide Prevention Day (10th September), Nike spreads the message of preventing suicide by playing a sport - with a simple twist in its tagline.



INSIGHT: Whisper, a leading sanitary napkin giant in India has a name which contradicts its own brand strategy. On one hand, Whisper has tried to fight menstrual taboo in India by launching campaigns like #TouchThePickle, while on the other - its name suggests that the issue should be hushed up.
IDEA: Stayfree, a strong competitor in the sanitary napkin category can use this opportunity to point out Whisper's hypocritical stance with subtle yet impactful wordplay.



Organized by WATConsult, Dentsu Aegis Network: 

Wat'sYour Big Idea 2.0 was a digital-campaign ideation competition for global brands.

POSITION: 2nd Runner-up

BRAND: NATUROLAX - (A Laxative by Piramil)

CAMPAIGN: #CONSTEMPLATION (click here for the pitch deck)

TEAM NAME: ThreeTwoOne

MEMBERS: Pratibha Gauri Nigam, Mehak Srivastava & Dikshita Rajoria

TEAM LEADER: Pratibha Gauri Nigam

#BhulengeNahi- Bharat Ke Veer (Made for IIMC's Annual Campaign Production)

Including a Mock TVC and Print Ad

The Bharat Ke Veer fund is a government website+app which allows you to contribute directly to the account of a martyr's family.

For IIMC's Annual Campaign Production, my team and I designed a 360° fundraising campaign for https://bharatkeveer.gov.in/
Apart from preparing the strategy, we also created a mock radio spot, jingle and TVC (presented here.)

(No points for guessing who that amateur actress is.) 

Click here for the pitch deck.



An interesting element in our campaign for Bharat ke Veer - was this print ad that could be converted into a paper-plane.
We created this template as a flyer/perforated magazine ad, wherein the front page tells a story and instructs you to make a paper plane to decode a message on its wings (printed at the back).
We also suggested leveraging this on-ground, by using these planes as passes for a promotional event. 
Online, we suggested garnering UGC by having people share their paper-planes, having celebrities give tutorials to make them, having blogs cover the buzz around them, etc.
What a fly idea.


Successful Nike Campaigns In India

A Case Study 

As part of my post-graduate diploma at IIMC, New Delhi - I conducted a case study on "Successful Nike Campaigns in India" (click here to view the pdf).

It features two famous faces of Nike in India:

1) Nike Cricket: Bleed Blue + Make Every Yard Count

2) Just Do It: DA DA DING

The study entails a comparative analysis of these campaigns and concludes with a few recommendations.