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Sidehustle/All the musings that get under my Moleskine.

Lightblurb believes that every shower thought and random idea has the ability to open your mind to a different perspective and is worth sharing. The 7 colors behind each post reflect the emotion behind the idea expressed in it.


Featuring my personal clicks/creations and quirky captions in the samples below, the extension of Lightblurb from poetry/prose to captioning images - is owing to its suitability to a visual platform like Instagram. It also helped me try my hand at photography and art while diversifying my writing style.

Dear Mummy & Laddy, Since the day mom went into Labour on that construction site, I know you guys have had towering dreams for me.You’ve always wanted me to reach soaring heights and become the Branch Manager someday, but deep down I always knew that I was barking up the wrong tree. Even my professor says that I’m better at lateral thinking. I believe I am meant for different horizons and horizontals. Take care. Touchwood Love, Laddu #inmydeFence #LadduTheLadder

“So what if I’m standing on a holy tree? I don’t give a fern about what Peepal think. I’ve got a rocking beach-bod and imma flaunt it right here.” #FacePalm 🏝 #RestingBeachFace

Gambling is not for babies. But mini gambling is.

🌺📷 These are flowers. Flowers don’t understand feeling grey. Flowers care so little that they don’t even pose for you. You pose with them, I suppose. #BeLikeFlowers

when you’re mad at the size of your hands.

This is my only picture with Laali, a docile doggerina in the IIMC family. . My close friends know about the strange connection that (I fancy) I have with her. On days that I’m feeling particularly low, she just finds me no matter where I am in the campus, and sits nearby. And then I go and pet her. And feel a little better. (Bow)Wow that rhymed. Maybe it’s just in my head- But as Rowling says- “why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” #JKHowling

I hope it does.

The cherry on top.

itna pathar-dil hona bhi theek nahi.

Benarci(ssus) Jhumki

spotted smol schmoopies. doin me a big hap.

“Chal zero-kaata swing pe chalein.” It’s not just the smartphone that’s blurring the boundaries between ‘indoors & outdoors’.

There’d be times when you feel like you’re hanging by a thread. Make sure it’s a strong one.

It’s brilliant how the key to a lock has the ability to make it a lock in the first place. Much like how we can think our way out of problems, and quite often into them too. You just have to #TurnTheKey

There’s a lot of shit that comes your way when you reach for the sky.


Among the old world, and the new– I wonder who guides who?

Spotted this halfway through my evening walk.jpg I guess I truly am,__one of a kind.

I am extremely grateful to Terribly Tiny Tales and Penguin Books for featuring a glimpse of my work in their book.

So this really sweet guy called God, sent me a bouquet with my favourite purple flowers today. I haven’t met him yet but I think he has a wonderful Nature.

Watch it, Plant! You were way out of line! I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to leaf.


FLOWER (Verb): The sun never forgets its daughters, who water their tears with a ray of hope


In February 2016, I started LIGHTBLURB as a Facebook page and Website for my prose and poetry pieces.
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