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Tales of Germany

Agency: MRM//McCann, New Delhi

Most fairy tales originate from Germany, as they belong to a classic collection called “Children's and Household Tales” by the Brothers Grimm. These include classic tales, including Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rapunzel and many more. I conceptualized Tales of Germany - an online contest organised by Lufthansa to promote German Tourism based on the 600 km long  German Fairy Tale Route with attractions from its rich literary heritage.


Agency: MRM//McCann, New Delhi

People are always looking to explore new music, albeit something similar to their existing music sensibilities. We leverage Amazon Echo’s (Alexa) existing capability of finding similar music choices to the user’s song search to promote Lufthansa’s #TheBlindList concept. Just like Lufthansa’s Blind List, which lets you travel to places that you have never seen before, your Blind Playlist is a selection of songs that you have never heard before but you might like. So, whenever one is unable to find the song they are looking for, Alexa plays a song that is similar to your search, from your Blind Playlist by Lufthansa.

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