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Bhulenge Nahi
(We Will Not Forget)

The Bharat Ke Veer (India's Bravehearts) fund is a government website+app which allows you to contribute directly to the account of a martyr's family.


An interesting element of our 360 degree campaign for Bharat ke Veer - was this print ad that could be converted into a paper-plane.We created this template as a flyer/perforated magazine ad, wherein the front page tells a story and instructs you to make a paper plane to decode a message on its wings (printed at the back).We also suggested leveraging this on-ground, by using these planes as passes for a promotional event. Online, we suggested garnering UGC by having people share their paper-planes, having celebrities give tutorials to make them, having blogs cover the buzz around them, etc.

What a fly idea.

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